2013 Ferraro Valle Snow Day

//2013 Ferraro Valle Snow Day

2013 Ferraro Valle Snow Day

The following is brought to you by:

Ferraro Images and Marco Valle Photography.


Posing concepts:

1. Laying in snow, laying on faux bear rug in snow, similar

2. Standing in snow free form, use of skis or other props

3. standing next to and interacting with snowman

4. with tree as leaning prop

5. laying on snow sled or disc
6.  Click HERE for image gallery of inspiration


1. skis, snowboard, sled, snow disc



1. snow boots, shoes, bindings

2. bikinis

3. Faux fur coats

4. Ear Muffs, scarves, gloves, mittens, snocaps/beanies, skiing goggles

5. santa costumes, elve costumes, similiar

6. red, black, white, green lingerie

7. more ideas coming


1. snow bank

2. snowman

3. tree

4.  more ideas coming

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