Halloween Casting Call (TFP/TFCD)

Thank you for your time to participate. I am looking to run some online and possibly print advertisements that are Halloween themed. I am looking for 8-10 Models, both male and female to participate in having their photographs taken. I will only schedule and shoot the aforementioned until October 21st at the latest. If you are interested please read the details below and get back to me as soon as possible while I still have openings.


1. The shoot will take place at your home or a centrally located public venue. (I will not be driving to NW Las Vegas – aka Reno, or NE Vegas, aka Utah)

2. I will bring a greenscreen backdrop, with the intention of using my own digitally provided background at a later time.

3. Models will be expected to complete a model release (HERE). A release will be required for each person photographed.

4. I will not spend more than 1.5 hours combined between setup and shooting. If you have more than one outfit, and can change quickly, I will shoot multiple outfits in that timeframe.

5. I am not providing prints, I will email high resolution print and web ready images that I select for additional editing.

6. This offer is only available to the people whom I have contacted for this purpose. Noting, this includes your spouse, bf,gf, and children(animals).

7. I am not providing costumes. This would be for whatever costumes you already possess.


1. This is a TFP/TFCD. I will provide digital images in exchange for your time and model release. There is no monetary compensation.



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