Image Touchup and Enhancements for skin and subjects and print formats

Many people ask about image touchup, both before photoshoots and after. Within photo editing software, if you are proficient with the software, the only limitation is your imagination. Some clients prefer only subtle touchups, whereas other clients may request dramatic compositions that are more of art pieces, than simple photographs. Below are some of the touchup’s that can be performed based on the services retained.


1. Portrait blurring for glamour style: Gaussian blur, Surface blur, pin light, noise filter,

2. Blemish touch ups: acne, wrinkles, scars, special requests

3. Skin Tone balance: color touchup for tone

4. Skin softening and smoothing

5. Custom face art: adding eyelash, eyelash fill, brow fill, eyeliner, eyeliner fill, adding coloration for creation or balance of colors on eyelids and brow bone, cheek fill and coloring for depth and reflection

6. Hair: fill, highlights, darkening, detail, body

7. Art & Abstract: masking for additions and removal, masking for black and white with color pops, HDR composites, customized flatten effects for canvas prints.

8. Filters and effects: Custom color curved imagery for; black and white, sepia, cross processing, vintage filters, 2500k-10k coloration themes,

9. Image Technical Alterations: noise reduction, exposure level balancing, white balance adjustments, saturation level adjustments (hue, color), object removal (background, foreground), objection creation,  custom backgrounds (additional,removal).

10. Image formatting for print/web: web ready compressed SRGB 72 dpi resolution, print ready 300 dpi formats (4×6, 5×7, 8×10 – more dimensions on specific request)