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As a Make-up Artist (MUA) I can confidently say that make-up holds many powers for both men and women. With make-up you can reinvent yourself or make minor changes to your appearance. The number of possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. The successful application of make-up can make you feel empowered and provide an abundance of confidence about your appearance. Whether you are an entertainer, soccer mom, or just planning for an occasion, make-up can give you your own unique beauty. Make-up can be a transformative escape from the norm or it can be a necessity for the daily endeavors. Make-up can give you the ability to open your eyes wider and believe in yourself, and it can also give you the chance to be bold and follow your heart.

If you are preparing for photos, event or maybe just a night out with a date, I can be there for you.

Jesabel S.

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