Prints, Planning and Pricing

The final product is prints.

Although most clients rush to post and view pictures on Facebook, the real excitement is the unveiling of large over sized prints. When taking pictures, a photographer is not confined to thinking about the model, makeup, foreground/background objects, colors, poses, expressions… The photographer is also thinking about the final result, how the image is going to be presented in print form.
When I take pictures, I have 4 total combinations of how I prefer to shoot, and how I plan my prints; full frame horizontal(cropped matching ratio), full frame vertical(cropped matching ratio), pano 1:2 or 2:1 ratio, and square 1:1 ratio.

This means that I purposely will only print in the following sizes:

1. Full Frame Ratio:  4×6, 8×12, 12×18, 20×30

2. Pano ratio: 5×10, 10×20,

3. Square: 10×10, 20×20

My Full Frame shots are typically 3/4 body shot glamour, my Pano is typically  a full length model standing or lying, cropped purposely to diminish background and give more to model. Lastly, my square ratio is generally more for half body art expressions.

The shoots that I perform for clients are typically all inclusive when it comes to prints. The pricing below is a standard rate that I charge for additional prints, and pricing is subject to change without notice.

The following sizes take 1-2 business days

4×6: $1

8×12: $3

12×18: $6

20×30: $16

The Following sizes take 3-5 business days

5×10: $8

10×20: $15

10×10: $15

20×20: $30



Lustre or Gloss?

Simple answer, unless otherwise requested, all prints provided will be done with a lustre finish. For the simplest of reasons, less consumer fingerprints and more likely to be framed without issue.

Defined: Gloss is a fingerprint magnet, and when framed/mounted against glass- it is very common to stick to glass. In addition to this, gloss is prone to glare. Lustre is less likely to show fingerprints, and more likely to be framed without issue. If you are using a mat in the frame, using a gloss that wont ever touch the glass may be more visually appealing, granted the lighting is at a high angle, as commonly suggested in the display of art.


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