Shooting locations in and around Las Vegas

Ghost Towns

Calico Ghost Town
P. O. Box 638
Yermo, CA 92398
Directions: I-15 South to Ghost Town Road. (Approximately 160 miles)
Hours: 7 AM to dusk
Admission Fee: yes
Eldorado Canyon – Nelson
Population: 50
Directions: US 95 to State Route 165 (South of Las Vegas 42 miles)
Fees: no
Population: 100
Directions: I-15 south to Jean then state route 161 (37 miles south of Las Vegas)
Fees: no
Population: 0
Directions: Go Northwest out of Las Vegas to just south of State Route 160 (50 miles)
Fees: no
Chamber of Commerce
Oatman, AZ 86433
Phone: 520-768-9907
Population: approximately 150
Directions: South till 30 miles north of Laughlin  on old
US Route 66.
Fees: no
Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 702-962-5544
Population: 800
Directions: I-15 to US 93 north till you are 25 miles past Caliente.
Fees: no
Population: 0
Directions: I-15 south to US 160 west (25 miles from Las Vegas)
Fee: no
Population: 0
Directions: US 95 north to Beatty then 4 miles west on State Route 374 (114 miles northwest from Las Vegas)
Fee: no
Sandy & Sandy Valley
Population: 806
Directions: I-15 south to Jean on US 161 (36 miles from Las Vegas)
Fee: no
Population: 760
Directions: US 95  south (57 miles south of  Las Vegas)
Fee: no

Other locations

Tivoli Village

Symphony Park

Gilcrease Orchard

Jean Dry lake bed


UNLV Campus

1. Park extending from south near Student Union, all the way north to Engineering and music halls, rose garden, benches, trees, grass, hallways, walls, stairs, staircases.

Why: Graffiti, shops, grungy backdrops.


The Neon Boneyard

Why: Colors, colors, and colors. Note: session fee of $200/hr.


Fremont Experience

Why: Unlike Neon Boneyard, no fee. Lots of neon lights and old style signs. Feels like “old Las Vegas”


The strip

Why: City Center, Casino exhibits.


The Springs Preserve

Why: Colors, rich in plant/flower backdrops, nature galore, some concrete wall backdrops also to mix in for completely different session.


Nelson Ghost Town

Why:It is about an hour from town and the charge is $10 per hour to shoot there. It has so many amazing things that are sure to make your photos amazing.

The dry lake bed

Why: Lake bed being light in color provides good reflection and fill of light, can remove a lot of harsh shadows, and provides for easier fill/lighting.


Lake Las Vegas

Why: Lots of colorful backdrops with retail stores, lake, mountains, golf course.


Spring Mountain ranch

Why: 15 miles west of Las Vegas, via Blue Diamond Rd., in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Check for entry fee.


Mt Charleston

Why: Trees. nature, mountain. Seasonal appeal with possibility of snow.


Calico Basin

Why: Walkway provides railing bokeh shots, greenery in the backdrops, sitting and laying poses in grass with rock backdrops, colorful backgrounds, shaded areas.


Red Rock

Why:Colorful amazing backdrops with amazing landscape scenery.


Floyd Lamb park

Why: 680 acre Floyd Lamb Park is a welcome oasis in the desert of northwest Las Vegas. With its wildlife, lush vegetation, lakes and views of the Sheep and Spring Mountain Ranges, Floyd Lamb is a natural park unique to the typical Las Vegas urban experience.


The Wetlands

Why: Trails, water, greenery, animals(wildlife)


Google Image Examples: HERE

Town Square

Why:is a great spot for modern urban backgrounds. One of my favorites.

Heritage Museum

Why: on boulder highway has some really cool retro buildings and trains which are great for photos.

Green Valley Ranch – Henderson. Courtyard, landscaping, double staircase

Calico Basin – near Red Rock. wild flowers, long gvrass, mountain backgrounds.

Monte Carlo – old style fountains, classy


New York New York Hotel – architecture backdrops


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